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Press on nails have landed at Yutopia Spa, in time for Valentine’s day!

Who said lock down you cant have nice nails? These press on nails can be customised so you can have your favourite shellac or gel bottle colours.

Comes with 16 size nails for a perfect fit on your nails, a file, nail glue, jelly double sided adhesive and a wood cuticle stick

Shapes are option Almond, Rounded, Square

Designs are option please state in the notes what colours or a design.

If you have a picture please send to us on an email info@yutopiaspa.co.uk


How to apply:

  • Lightly buff over your natural nail to roughen up your nail
  • Measure your nails to fit each finger  do not pinch or over lap your skin. if need file lightly on the side for the nails to fit.
  • Apply a small pea size amount of glue in the nail wall
  • Place the nail onto your nail with a firm pressure for 15 seconds.

To Remove:

  • Apply cuticle oil on the base of the nail and this will soften the glue and the nail will loosen from your nail.

5 in stock

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